The RelieVRx program—Now approved for patients with cLBP

The RelieVRx program is indicated as adjunctive treatment for patients with moderate to severe cLBP lasting longer than 3 months.1

Clinically evaluated1,2

The efficacy and safety of the RelieVRx program were evaluated in a randomized, controlled, double-blind trial in patients with cLBP vs a non-immersive control (ShamVR).

In the 8-week clinical trial, 188 participants from 40 states took part in 56 daily VR sessions.

After completing a baseline survey, and at least 1 of 3 pain surveys during the 2-week pre-treatment period, participants were randomized 1:1 to the RelieVRx program orShamVR treatment groups.

RelieVRx headset and content


Multimodal, skills-based, self-management VR program

Inclusion criteria1,2

Participants ranged in age from 18-85 years with self-reported non-malignant chronic lower back pain for at least 3 months' duration and with an average pain intensity of >4/10 over the past month based on the Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale*

Baseline characteristics2

Average age
Average pain intensity
Duration ≥5 years
History of back pain
No group differences were found for any baseline variable or treatment engagement (P≥.082).
*The Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS 2.0) is a pain assessment tool that utilizes a numerical rating scale to measure how much pain interferes with usual activity and sleep, and affects mood and contributes to stress.2

Proven pain reduction

At the end of the 8-week program, significant pain reduction was seen by those who used RelieVRx compared to the non-immersive headset.1,2

Reduction in1
Pain intensity (P<.001)
Interference with activity (P=.021)
Interference with sleep (P=.021)
Interference with mood (P=.021)
Interference with stress (P=.021)


Sham VR

2/3 Patients icon

Nearly 2 out of 3 patients (65%) in the treatment group had a clinically meaningful* reduction in pain intensity2

71% reduction icon

Nearly half of patients (46%) in the treatment group experienced a 71% reduction in pain intensity on average2†

See the publication
*≥30% reduction in pain intensity.2†
Calculated from a group with ≥50% reduction in pain intensity.2

Lasting pain relief over time

Significant pain relief was sustained at 3 months3

Reduction in
Pain intensity (P=.0054)
Interference with activity (P=.0265)
Interference with sleep (P=.0389)
Interference with mood (P=.1067)
Interference with stress (P=.0128)


Sham VR

Patients rated the RelieVRx program as engaging and easy to use

4.32 Satisfaction rating
Engagement and satisfaction

Participants were highly engaged, completing 77% or more of the RelieVRx program and Sham VR programs2

Participants were very satisfied with the RelieVRx program, with a 4.32 satisfaction rating on a 5-point scale2

85% of participants expressed a desire to continue with the program after treatment3

A+ usability
Ease of use

The RelieVRx program was rated 84.33/100 on the System Usability Scale which is considered an A+ in usability according to industry benchmarks2

It was ranked as easier to use than a bank ATM4

Prescription bottle icon
Medication use

Over-the-counter analgesics were 18% lower for the RelieVRx program but not for Sham VR (P=.01)2

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Indication for Use

The RelieVRx program is a prescription-use immersive virtual reality system intended to provide adjunctive treatment based on cognitive behavioral therapy skills and other evidence-based behavioral methods for patients (age 18 and older) with a diagnosis of chronic lower back-pain (defined as moderate to severe pain lasting longer than three months). The device is intended for in-home use for the reduction of pain and pain interference associated with chronic lower back pain.


There are no known contraindications.


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RelieVRx was formerly known as EaseVRx.