The RelieVRx program is a non-pharmacologic form of chronic lower back pain relief

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The RelieVRx program is a self-guided, in-home program

Daily sessions consist of established pain management techniques such as body awareness, pain distraction, relaxation, and behavior modification.1

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The 56 immersive vr sessions take an average of 6 minutes to complete

Each session builds upon the last, prompting neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to modify, change, and adapt in response to experience. The RelieVRx program is easy to use and has high user satisfaction.3

Discover the Power of the RelieVRx Program


Chronic Lower Back Pain Suffers Need Lasting Relief

Chronic lower back pain patients typically take more medications than the average patient, which may include opioids4. Opioids can cause side effects and complications such as addiction, and are not an effective long term treatment for chronic lower back pain5. A comprehensive approach is needed to improve patient lives.

Learn how a new approach may help address the gap in treatment.

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Indication for Use

The RelieVRx program is a prescription-use immersive virtual reality system intended to provide adjunctive treatment based on cognitive behavioral therapy skills and other evidence-based behavioral methods for patients (age 18 and older) with a diagnosis of chronic lower back-pain (defined as moderate to severe pain lasting longer than three months). The device is intended for in-home use for the reduction of pain and pain interference associated with chronic lower back pain.


There are no known contraindications.


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