Understanding Chronic Pain

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When you're hurt, a signal goes from the injury to the parts of your brain responsible for feeling, thinking and emotion. The signal to your brain causes you to feel pain.2

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For people living with chronic pain, that signal can get stuck in a loop. Every time the loop repeats, your nervous system feels a surge of pain.2

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This pain cycle doesn’t have to be permanent. Imagine your brain is like a muscle that can be strengthened with regular practice and consistent effort.2

93% To 95% Of Patients
Have No Clear Anatomical Cause For Their Pain.3

A Workout For Your Brain

The self-guided, in-home program can reduce your discomfort while teaching you skills for managing your everyday CLBP.


Used for an average of 6 minutes per session.

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Each of the 56 immersive sessions builds upon the lessons from the last one.

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To help change how you think, feel, and react to pain.

Daily experiences incorporate well-established Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other pain management techniques4

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Diaphragmatic Breathing

Responsive training environments enhance breathing techniques and allow you to connect with and control your nervous system response.4

The Power Of VR

The effectiveness of established pain management techniques is enhanced by the immersive nature of virtual reality and the immediate feedback it provides.

Clinically Validated CLBP Relief

In a 56-session clinical trial, participants reported a significant reduction in pain and the impact it has on their daily lives, and those reductions remained in a 2 year follow up study4,5


2 years after treatment, a majority of patients reported a continued significant reduction in both intensity and the impact pain had on their daily lives5

Easy To Use

The RelieVRx device is shipped directly to your home with easy-to-follow instructions. Once you have completed the program, simply return the device in the original packaging using the provided prepaid return shipping label.

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User scores rank the RelieVRx device as easier to use than an ATM and nearly as simple as Google.4

Support For The Journey

The AVR Pathway® team is here to support you as you embark on the RelieVRx journey, serving as the primary point of contact for technical and non-medical questions.

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Get Started With The RelieVRx Program

Talk to your doctor to see if the RelieVRx program is the right fit for you.

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Indication for Use The RelieVRx program is a prescription-use immersive virtual reality system intended to provide adjunctive treatment based on cognitive behavioral therapy skills and other evidence-based behavioral methods for patients (age 18 and older) with a diagnosis of chronic lower back-pain (defined as moderate to severe pain lasting longer than three months). The device is intended for in-home use for the reduction of pain and pain interference associated with chronic lower back pain.


There are no known contraindications.


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